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What fuels your Fear Of Missing Out?

FOMO, an acronym for ” Fear of Missing Out” has become a popular internet term in the last few years. It is defined as the feeling of anxiety or apprehension over the possibility of not being included in an exciting event happening elsewhere that others are experiencing.

FOMO is a figment of our mind’s worst imagination.Its an irrational belief that grass is always greener on the other side.

It is becoming a big issue with our generation for the simple fact that our generation has the most options and choices to choose from. This has been famously called ” The Paradox of Choice” and its pretty much why the more amazing things get, the less happy we all become.

In the digital age where social media and smartphones have the potential to make us more preoccupied with others lives than ever before, FOMO can become a serious problem for some people, causing anxiety, inferiority complex and depression. Looking at others lives on social media for hours each day can exaggerate emotions of envy and regret. They feel disconnected from others and discontent with one’s own life.

Life is a series of complicated experiences that bring various mixtures of joys and struggles and must be evaluated and decided upon as we go, based on our current feelings and values. Inspired by our insecurities, FOMO short circuits our ability to handle or deal with any of this.

Here are some tips to help free you from the grip of FOMO.

  • Embrace the JOMO ( Joy Of Missing Out )

While people with FOMO may second guess their choices and wonder if they could be having more fun elsewhere, people with JOMO embrace the choices they have made and find joy in present situation.

Rather than worrying about what you may or may not be missing out on, try making the choice that is best for you and owning that decision. Find happiness in what you are doing and remind yourself why you made the choice in the first place.

  • Social media Detox

Try giving yourself a set amount of time to check social media each day. FOMO might be an age-old problem , but social media can add fuel to the fire.

Fomo is a modern day form of ” keeping up with the Joneses.” Where people were once trying to keep up with handful of neighbours , they are now trying to keep up with thousands of social media friends and followers.

If limiting time on social media doesn’t seem like enough, sometimes a complete hibernation may be helpful.

  • Practice discernment

In regard to distinguishing what is truly important and necessary from what is merely desirable. More isn’t necessarily better. Be willing to say “no” to more things. Focus on the kind of things that enhance the quality not the quantity of your experiences.

  • Prioritize Relationships Over Acquisitions

In terms of our wellbeing , quality relationships surpass quantity of possessions and experiences every time. Investing time and energy in relationships, may be one of the best things we can do to bring higher levels of fulfilment into our lives, which is a wonderful antidote to the compulsive activity that characterises FOMO.

  • Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

Instead of chasing fantasies we believe will fulfill us, we can cultivate gratitude . This practice allows us to more deeply appreciate what we have rather that focusing on what we lack or desire.

Let’s improve our self esteem and be content in our own lives by practicing mindfulness and savouring the everyday moments by overcoming FOMO.

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