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Practicing a lifestyle of Holistic Health also includes taking part in purposeful activities that add joy to our lives.

Having a hobby is about dedicating time and energy to something that brings happiness and ignites your passions.

One of the main reasons people don’t pursue hobbies is that they feel like they don’t have time for them. But if you be mindful of what you already do in your free time, you may be surprised how much of it you could substitute for a hobby, instead of being on your screen.

Having a hobby is great to have an outlet for us to express and challenge ourselves in a healthy way.

Here are a few compelling reasons why hobbies are good for your mental, physical and social health.

– Helps reduce stress

Occupied in our daily lives, we fail to realise that we need to unwind from the monotony which makes us feel bored, irritated and frustrated . When we take part in a hobby that we enjoy, chemical messengers in the brain are released- such as dopamine, a chemical which helps us feel pleasure. These feel good chemicals help us to step away from stressful situations. 

– Keeps your brain engaged

Hobbies offer an exceptional level of engagement in doing something that you are genuinely interested in. This could be a whole range of things like doing art, travelling, exercising, playing an instrument, gardening, baking, writing, listening to music, learning a new language or skill etc. When you fully engage yourself in something you love, it serves as a healthy distraction from the daily routine.

– Improves Social Health

Participating in a group activity like signing up for a dance class, being a part of a sports team , or volunteering is an incredible way to boost your social connections.

– Helps you rediscover yourself!

Constantly being a part of the rat race, there are times you may feel worthless or hopeless. As you engage in activities that spark your interests, flourish your talents and boost your strengths, you will remember that you are more than the problems that plagued you. You are an individual and you are important.

We live in an achievement oriented culture, which can make it hard to go off the grid when it comes to our responsibilities/ jobs/deadlines. Hobbies offer pockets of peace and happiness and help us keep going!

The hardest part is always getting started, but hopefully these reasons help you take the first step!

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