Dr. Krupa Shah – An Expert Homoeopathic Physician In Powai | Mumbai | India


A genuine Doctor to go to if anyone is looking for a very good homeopathic doctor. I have been visiting Dr. Krupa Shah for more than 2 years now, for myself as well as my teen son. Her medications have always helped us heal faster. With the current online consults, she responds to our calls /messages at the earliest and is very prompt to send us the medication on the same day via courier. A very warm person, easy to talk to, takes times to listen to all our concerns, goes out of her way to advise us towards a healthier lifestyle path. Amazing patience with Adults as well as kids.
Mrs. S. Sheena
Highly recommended! I know Dr Krupa from last 2 and half years. She is one of the best homeopath I have met. She is like a blessing for me and my two kids. She treated my elder one's stomach pain which I was not able treat for last 5 yrs and my younger one's non manageable cold, cough and rashes which used to occur every 3 months. Very satisfied with her method of therapy and communication .Thanks a ton Dr Krupa!
Mrs. S. Salian
Dr. Krupa Shah is super quick with diagnosing and healing my little one whenever need be. We believe in Homoeopathy and swear by its effectiveness! Having her available to answer our calls and messages at the time of need is really helpful. Totally recommend her professionalism with a great personal touch.
Mrs. K. Shah
Dr. Shah is amazing. She goes above and beyond to try to understand the needs of my children and has found a way to help us even though we don't live in India. After a discussion to understand what the children most commonly suffer from through the year, she created a homeopathy kit, for us to be able to use as and when we need it. These have proved extremely useful in cases of coughs, colds, tummy bugs, and teething - helping me avoid unnecessary medication.
Mrs. A. Shah
Thank you for being there at every beck and call in times of our difficult situations. A big thanks to you doctor for handling our case for 5 months in times of pandemic.
Mr. & Mrs. Rao
I have consulted Dr Krupa Shah for my two children since their birth. She has been a great source of help for my kids - from the medical perspective of effective diagnosis and resolution of any illnesses and more importantly in terms of being a great source of the right advice, support and guidance. What I really like about Dr Krupa is her approachability, her jovial attitude and her philosophy of minimal medication in this age of over-prescription of drugs by doctors. She really cares about her patients, spends time listening to them and is really great with kids. My kids love her! I would strongly recommend Dr Krupa Shah to anyone looking to effective and long lasting homeopathy treatment.
Mrs. A. Shah
Dr. Krupa Shah has been my homeopathic doctor since the last 4-5 years. I have found many qualities in her that make her a complete and competent doctor. She is a patient listener and a cool psychologist that makes her thorough in her findings. Her first approach is never to jump to medications, but rather to guide with emotional upliftment and with home remedies. I am a believer in the healing power of homeopathic medicine and with an amazing doctor like her it becomes a double win.
Mrs. S. S
New Jersey -USA
I first consulted Dr Krupa for my kids (then 3 years) and since then have been consulting her for our entire family with varied medical needs.I respect her ability to diagnose impeccably and prescribe medicines accordingly. Not only does she help with medication but also with natural ways to treat and avoid a problem . In addition to being a good doctor she is a very planned individual , there is always ample advance information on days when she is not available and am quite grateful that even though when she is out of country she is always available for an emergency . Especially during the pandemic times she has helped us all with constant medical consultation over tele-consults and helped to calm down our anxious minds . I really am thankful and grateful for all the support and help that she extends beyond the call of duty.
Mrs. D. Sen
I am thankful that my kids were treated by Dr Krupa . A big thank you doc for patiently listening to all our issues and giving us suggestions too when required. I can definitely vouch that your medicines have totally benefited both my kids
Mrs. N. Kundar
I would like to express my sincere appreciation and thanks to Dr Krupa S Shah for the extensive care and support she is extending to my family and I for all our healthcare needs. She takes full responsibility and monitors till the position improves and comes to control. This I experienced when we went through Covid-19. She provides the right medicines and necessary mental support. The medicines were also delivered timely during these lockdowns. Her commitment and the effectiveness has strengthened my belief in the homeopathy. "Medicines can cure, but a good doctor's inspirational words can give the strength to fight from within". You are doing this great job.
Mr. BS. V
We visited Dr. Krupa when my daughter had lot of acne on her face . Earlier , my daughter was on allopathy medicine but I felt that why not try homeopathy for her ? (Desperate to avoid ointments and allopathy medicines) .During our first consultation Dr Krupa said "please do not apply any skin ointments on face "and prescribed us a few homeopathy pills only. It has worked very well for my daughter. I am happy and highly appreciate her dedicated service and will recommend her .

Mrs. V
Dr Krupa, Thank you for all the care that you have given to my family i.e myself, mom and daughter over the past several years. You made sure that you listened to our problems diligently be it severe allergy or chronic cough and accordingly the medicine were prescribed, this made sure that root of the problem was taken care and cured. Additionally all my friends and relatives to whom I have recommended are very happy with your consultation. Once again, thank you very much.
Mr. A. Kumar
Truly an amazing doctor! Helped my daughter with her health issues. Very soft spoken, encouraging and trustworthy. Always my first recommendation.
Mrs. M. Shetty
I have been taking treatment for my asthma and other ailments from Dr. Krupa for almost a year now. She is an amazing doctor. Extremely patient and her diagnosis is to the mark. Her medicines have helped me tremendously. In fact when me and my daughter were tested covid positive her medicines proved to be of great help.
Ms. K. Konijer
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